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There is a lot to celebrate in our church life at Little Budworth! Our services and events are more strongly supported than for many years. This growth has been matched by a generous response to fundraising   appeals and events.

However, the challenge is that financially we only just get by. Maintaining the life and ministry of  St. Peter’s costs £2750 a month, yet we receive no subsidy whatsoever from the Government or other statutory bodies.

If you are a member of our congregation, your financial support is vital in helping  St. Peter’s to thrive, maintain the building and its grounds and provide a rich Church life to the community.

Without this income, our Church may not survive.


Why is Regular Giving important?

Although we raise money in a number of ways, by far the most reliable, and most proper for our Christian community, is planned, pledged and regular giving. The work of the Church continues day by day, week by week, month by month – and it has to be paid for on this basis.

What can you do?

To become a regular giver, please complete the Gift Aid Form and Standing Order Form which are also available in church. Please pass the standing order form to your bank, and send the gift aid form to John Scott, Church Treasurer.


Any regular payment – however small – will make a real difference.

Here are some examples of what your money could do:

  • £15 a month will pay for maintenance of the church organ
  • £20 a month will pay for our electricity
  • £30 a month will pay for cleaning the church
  • £50 a month will pay for our heating
  • £100 a month will pay for the upkeep of the churchyard

Just a few pounds a month would be gratefully received –  you could choose any amount which is affordable to you.


What other ways of giving are there?

Envelope giving at services: Any contribution you can give in a yellow envelope at services is greatly appreciated – we can claim gift aid on money given this way which helps us even further.

Offertory collections at services: Any contribution monetary contribution you could give at services is always appreciated if you aren’t able to fill in an envelope or do not earn enough to include gift aid with your contribution. We can claim gift aid on a certain amount of money given this way.

One-off donations: If you’re still lucky enough to receive a bonus at work, had a small win on the lottery, lump-sum or one-off donations remain very welcome. More customarily, they are often received as a single thanks-offering after baptisms, confirmations, weddings or whenever you feel you wish to do so.



Here’s a PDF version of this Regular Giving information.

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