Here are the charities and organisations we donated to in 2017.

Under The Mango Tree

Under The Mango Tree is a charity set up to support children in Kenya who attend the Kambe Timboni School. Their first ambition was to raise £6000 to build a new class room. That ambition was met, the classroom was completed. The charity also funded the building of a work room for staff, more toilets and also now a second classroom. Other important elements of support are the sponsoring of more than 90 nursery children and funding for the school feeding programme. Now they aim to raise funds for the final buildings that will mean short and medium term classroom needs are met, create a play area away from the rough rocky ground, fund nursery teachers, continue to fund the feeding programme and buy desks and books.


Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy

Cheshire Agricultural Chaplaincy Team covers the whole of Cheshire & Wirral offering 24:7 support to the farming community with a listening ear for as long as required, pastoral support and ability to bring in supporting agencies when required. The majority of people seen by the team are suffering from depression, mental health issues or financial difficulties. Team members apart from visiting individual farms, attend local livestock markets, local agricultural shows and preside at church services.
Farming as an occupation has one of the highest rate of suicide, many farmers are suffering with difficult issues like financial pressure, isolation, adverse weather conditions, family disputes, government regulations and inspections, administration, poor harvests & livestock disease all combined with long hours of work. All this contributes to serious levels of hopelessness and depression, some thinking of self-harm.

As farmers and Pastors, the team are uniquely placed to deliver this support understanding the language of farming and the issues farmers face. They are available to farmers and all allied workers in the industry.