Churchyard Rules

Churchyard Rules

Both at Whitegate and Little Budworth we have lovely, well-kept churchyards where loved ones are laid to rest, and where families can come to remember them and thank God for their lives.

In order to preserve the simplicity and beauty of these areas, and to help keep clear space for mowing, there are Churchyard Rules which we would ask everybody to observe.



Cut flowers and good quality silk flowers are allowed (appropriate to the season).

Plastic flowers are not allowed, and will be removed, along with any dead flowers.

Ornaments and statues               

Strictly, these are not allowed, though we do let them remain for a short period immediately after a funeral, and for a few weeks during the Christmas season. At all other times they will be removed to church or the sun-dial for collection.


Only one vase per plot is permitted, except during the Christmas season (to the end of January)


These are permitted during November for Remembrance, and during the Christmas season.

Churchyards can quickly look a mess if there is no agreement about what is allowed, and what is not. This is why the Church nationally suggests rules which our Parochial Church Councils have modified and adopted. Please do your best to observe them, and ask the Vicar or Churchwardens if you have any queries. Thank you.