Service of Nine Lessons and Carols

In December, we enjoy our traditional Service of Nine Lessons and Carols.

Please join us for a beautifully customary festive service of lessons, carols, hand bells and choir anthems.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Our traditional readings are:

Genesis 3:8-19 God announces in the Garden of Eden that the seed of woman shall bruise the serpent’s head
Genesis 22:15-18 God promises to faithful Abraham that in his seed shall the nations of the earth be blessed
Isaiah 9:2-7 Christ’s birth and kingdom are foretold by Isaiah
Isaiah 11:1-9 The peace that Christ will bring is foreseen
Luke 1:29-38 The Angel Gabriel salutes the Blessed Virgin Mary
Luke 2:1-7 Saint Luke tells of the birth of Jesus
Luke 2:8-16 The shepherds go to the manger
Matthew 2:1-12 The wise men are led by the star to Jesus
John 1:1-14 Saint John unfolds the great mystery of the incarnation