Holiday Club

The Guardians of Ancora is a computer game for tablets and smart phones, that is free to download and play. The Guardians travel through the zones of Ancora discovering Bible characters and stories, making this a fun way for children to uncover the treasures hidden in the bible for themselves.

On Quest 1 the Guardians found a pile of fishing nets on their treasure hunt, which opened up the story of the call of the fishermen.

By listening to Jesus the fishermen were able to catch very large numbers of fish, when without him they had worked hard, but caught nothing.

Jesus asked the fishermen to leave their homes, and fish for people instead of fish, and he called them to follow him.

The children discovered that, just as Jesus called the fishermen to follow him, he calls us too, and began to understand that following Jesus is sometimes costly, but always brings blessing, and to regard and treat the Bible stories as wonderful treasure.

They made lots of fish to decorate their fishing nets to take home.

On Quest 2 the Guardians unwrapped a selection of random objects on their treasure hunt, including a mat, which lead them to the story of Jesus healing a man who comes to him through a hole in a roof!

The paralysed man is brought to Jesus, but because there is no space for the men carrying him to get through the crowds they climb onto the roof of the building where Jesus is teaching and lower the man through the ceiling, and on seeing the faith of these men, Jesus heals the paralysed man.

The children learned to understand that God has the power to heal and restore, and to realise that part of being healed and restored is being forgiven, and that Jesus has the power to forgive our sins.

They made their own woven mats to take home.

On Quest 3 the Guardians found tins of sardines and bread rolls on their treasure hunt, which revealed the story of Jesus feeding 5,000 people. A crowd of people, who have seen Jesus perform miracles and heal the sick, are following him, eager to find out more about him.

Jesus takes two small fish and five loaves, from a young boys picnic, and miraculously multiplies the food to feed the entire crowd, with twelve full baskets of leftovers.

They discovered that Jesus is able to use what they have to great effect, when they allow him to do so.

They made Firebug Lanterns and asked God to help them let their ‘Little light shine’.

Family Service some of the children and their families joined us on the Village Green for our Family Service and the children shared the crafts they had made at Holiday Club. They also dared the adults to better their score at the memory verse challenge!

In total over the three days 8 children attended Holiday Club, and lots of fun was had by all. A big thank you to all the adult helpers who gave up their time, as Holiday Club wouldn’t happen without you.

Teresa Finney, Children’s Worker

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