Job Vacancy – Verger

Ad hoc job vacancy


St Peter’s Church, Little Budworth

At St Peter’s we have a vacancy for the ad hoc job of verger.

We are looking for someone to act as an attendant at weddings and funerals.  This includes opening the church in plenty of time before the service, and tidying up and closing it afterwards. Duties include:

Liaising with the Vicar/Curates beforehand

Liaising with the funeral directors’ staff when they arrive at church

Getting the church ready eg putting oil in the altar candles and lighting them

Putting out the church collection plate and ‘Goodbox’ (the contactless payment system)

Being the welcoming ‘face’ of St Peter’s to all who are attending the service

Helping to show people to appropriate seats

Being a general assistant to whoever is taking the service

The fee you receive is £50 for both a funeral and a wedding

Training would be given and the Churchwardens would attend such services until you feel proficient enough to manage on your own.

For more information and job description, please contact Anne Hall, Churchwarden,

01829 760592/07973139304  or

NB At the present time, due to the pandemic, the arrangements for weddings and funerals are somewhat different, but the Churchwardens will be on hand to explain the necessary changes.

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